Factory Performance Circuit

By: Ryan Mckie


The Factory Performance Circuit is a 12 workout series set to allow athletes to Compete, Defeat, and Repeat!

COMPETE with yourself as well as others in the community.

Defeat your inner fears, mental hang ups and maybe the person next to you!

Repeat this over the course of the year!

There will be one workout on a monthly basis. That way athletes can ‘stay ready” instead of having to “get ready” for an upcoming event. This will be a fun environment, for all skill levels.

Each workout will be different. Some of the workouts will be done as an individual, some as a team of 2 or 3.


Who can compete in these workouts? ANYONE! KPF athletes, crossfit athletes, athletes just getting started in fitness. The workout will be timed (30-45 minutes) which will allow each athlete to compete at their pace. Due to certain movement requirements in some events minimum participation age will be 15.

What type of movements will be in these workouts? Traditional movements will be seen in these workouts. Some workouts will be strength based, some conditioning based, some mixed. Gymnastic movements will be limited.

How will we be notified of upcoming events? 14 days prior to the event, there will be a social media posting of the upcoming event and whether it’s individual or team. 7-10 days prior to event the actual event will be released.

Is this an all day event? No each event will have a 30-45 minute cap, that way we don’t take up your entire Saturday!

What is the cost of the event? The first two events are in house only and free to KPF members. After the first two events in the circuit, the cost will be $10 for KPF members and $20 per event for non-members.

Can I change my partner for different events? Yes! If you were to compete in multiple team events you don’t have to compete with the same partner each time.

How I do I know if I win? Just like we blast the event on social media we will also recognize the winner(s) as well. Yes, you can win more than once!!!

Do I need to do anything prior? Yes! Once you see the link register online. Get yourself and/or your team ready to rock and roll! The first time coming into KPF you will be required to sign a waiver.

Best of luck!