Adult Performance

Confidence of a superhero

Your physical ability affects you every day. Be it walking up and down flights of stairs, or coaching your child’s soccer team.

Your ability to perform these task well increases your quality of life.

With focuses on restoration of muscle tissue, improved mobility and flexibility, you will begin to reduce unnecessary aches and pains while improving body composition and performance.

If you are looking for a program that improves your energy, increases your health and gives you the confidence of a superhero (without having to lift like one) our Adult Performance Program is for you!

Training Schedule

  • M - F: 5, 6, 7, 8, 9am

  • M - Th: 430, 530, 630pm

  • T, Th, F: Noon

  • Sa: 7am & 9am

  • Yoga and Speciality Classes 8am and 10am on designated Saturdays

Session Layout

  • Dynamic warm up: Improving tissue quality.

  • Pre-Hab/Activation: Injury prevention

  • The training: strength, intervals, steady state, mixed modalities.

  • ReGen: Stretching and breathing techniques.