Sports Performance

Always Improving

The days of “getting better” in your sport by just playing it during the season have come and gone! Early specialization is decreasing athlete’s overall athletic ability too soon.

This program is designed to first assess and teach basic movement patterns and overall athletic ability. From there we focus on improving these patterns and abilities by improving the athlete’s strength.

Sports Performance Clinic

(6 weeks)

General sports performance focused on overall speed, agility, quickness, strength & conditioning for sport development.

$360 ($20/session)

  • Max coach to athlete ratio of 1:15 for ages 13 - 18
  • Each session begins with movement prep, followed by multidimensional speed and agility. Lastly including strength work
  • Strength focused on the safe development of each athlete through progressions and regressions
  • Hour long sessions

Specialty Courses

Courses focused on sport specific movement, mobility, strength and conditioning.

$475 ($26/session)

  • Pre and Post Course Assessments
  • Sport Specific Performance Homework
  • Max coach to athlete ratio of 1:15 for ages 13 - 18
  • Hour long sessions

Team Training

Training among a sport team focused on the team's performance needs.

$1250(per team)

  • Teams ages 8 and up
  • Minimum of 8 athletes
  • 1 session per week for 6-8 weeks (team’s choice)
  • Hour long sessions

1 on 1 Training

Training in a 1on1 setting focused on the individual needs of the athlete.

12 session package - $600 ($50/session)

Less than 12 sessions - $75/session

  • Initial consultation and assessment
  • Individual program design
  • Needs specific performance homework